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    PE protective film of the instance


    PE protective film, if be on the new computer, whether or not to tear? Mobile phone protective film of blue light PE protective film, what is its detailed? In addition, PET antistatic (charge) is a kind of dormant PE protective film, what are the detailed effect?

    1. PE protection (b) m: o hu) membrane, new computers have to tear off protective film?

    This, want to see the details of paste (ti ē) (part), if not on the display, then, is suggested to tear off, as, if not tear, possibly, a computer in the use process (guo cheng), due to high temperature (temperature) and melting (definition: the changing process of substances from solid to liquid), and it may also happen glare, affect the person's eyesight. Whereas the PE protective film, the screen could not off.

    2. Mobile phone protection (b) m: o hu) membrane in the blue protective film, what?

    Resistance to blue light maintenance of mobile phone protective film membrane, detailed (xiang xi) speaking, it also is a kind of protective film, can be useful to isolate the person eyes harmful blue light, thus, protect eyesight this effect. In the data (Means), is to use the special resin material, and also has the very good prevention function, in case of mobile phone screen is scratched.

    3. The antistatic PE (polyethylene) T (charge) is a kind of dormant protection (b) m: o hu) film, what are the effect (effect)?

    Protective film (Protective film) of PET antistatic maintenance membrane, its in detail, it refers to polyester film as the backing material, treated with antistatic coating on acrylic adhesive and anti-static processing layer, then laminating. Its effect in detail, is to avoid dust, impurities, and prevent electrostatic damage, mainly the three.

    Film protection (b) m: o hu), because it is the flagship product in website, and has general application (application), here, let's continue protective film of learning and understanding.

    1. PE protective film, its normal (normal), then, will be harmful to human body?

    Protection (b) m: o hu) film, PE (Produce), after the completion of the production of products, just let's correct use and is not harmful to human body. In addition, should know is that this kind of protective film, its main composition is for PE (polyethylene) film and acrylic glue between the two.

    2. The mattress Protective film (Protective film) demand tear? And, semifinished product room doors and Windows, whether you need protective film?

    Protective film on the mattress, the only outer protective film, mainly in the mattress transport (sh ū) maintain effect (effect), avoid the dirty or damaged. So, before you start using the mattress, is to be torn off, cannot be saved. And, semifinished product room doors and Windows, it is demand add protective film,