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    PE protective film manufacturers focus on quality


    PE protective film thickness, color, viscosity, and use the difference, the user can depending on the product to choose suitable materials. Definition about PE membrane viscosity maintenance, many places are different, in guangdong province, the surplus new material technology co., LTD., sums up the following points.

    PE protective film in the process of use can be useful to maintain their products in the process of storage and transportation was not influenced by the scratch and the status of the pollution, PE film can be useful to maintain their product appearance maintenance original bright beautiful, it can surely in extent, improve the quality of its products.

    The operation of the PE protective film can be useful for data has surely adhesion function, in the process of transfer and processing of such data will not render its fall and the status of the cock, product is also bound to hold moisture stability and weather resistance, etc.

    Viscosity is very suitable for PE protective film, it is easy to stick easy tear easily, through its moment when applying the changes in the stripping can rise is as small as possible, the product under the condition of sun exposure, even for a year are able to use moment.

    PE protective film manufacturers add PE membrane lit maintenance degrees:

    1, to participate in the nucleating agent

    Nucleating agent on crystallization of polymer processing and molding process, nucleating agent can take the place of the crystal nucleus, the polymer molecules in the nucleating agent on crystallization into crystals. Because of nucleating agent, the number of crystal nucleus PE film melting crystallization maintenance will greatly add, speed is faster, crystalline particles small. Film clarity is affected, and add the maintenance, the crystallinity of membrane, PE added film bright degree.

    2, take part in the homogeneous oil 0.1% ~ 1%

    Homogeneous oil can and compatible PVC, PE, PP, PET, etc. Even, bright colored plastic available direct powder pigment dyeing. High-speed mixing 50-70 ℃ can be used in the molding process.

    3, participate in bright additive DBS

    It is a pear sugar alcohol and benzaldehyde preparation of two benzylidene sorbitol. It is a polyolefin nucleating agent. Cut 60% polypropylene fog, fog cut 61%, adding 8% to 10% of rigidity, add 9-10 ℃ heat resistance, make the crystallization rate of PO to add more than 1 times, add the PE film gloss and colour and lustre of maintenance.

    4, add the processing temperature of the cylinder

    This can add PE maintain the bright degree of membrane. To produce, in the process of using water cooling method, if owe good cooling effect, the PE film is maintenance of fuzzy and half a lit. In producing add appropriate processing temperature, therefore, adopt good cooling way, is a way to add clarity.