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    PE protective film two categories


    PE Protective film (Protective film) is a kind of composite material (recombination) data, the surface material, adhesive, silicone coating (coating) and the bottom paper.

    One, the main products are: high temperature tape, polyimide tape, PE (polyethylene) high temperature T green tape, textured paper tape, teflon tape, double-sided tape, flush type adhesive tape, silicone rubber, industrial (industry) tape, copper foil tape, aluminum foil tape (Al), glass Fiber, Fiber tape, duct tape, acetate cloth tape, mara tape, avoid knife adhesive tape, kraft paper tape, packing tape, Protective film (Protective film), PVC electrical tape, warning tape PET Protective film on the structure of the PET Protective film die cutting out traditional printed materials (Material), die cutting, such as paper is cut Material all wear; And PET protective film material of die cutting is only cut surface and the adhesive layer material wear, takes care of the bottom paper, and its surface coating of silicone oil (oil), eventually die cutting molding label storage on the bottom paper. PE film's biggest advantage is protected products in production and processing, transportation, storage and use process from pollution, corrosion, scratches, protect the original bright and clean bright surface, thus improve the quality of the products and market competitiveness.

    Good quality of die cutting shape PET protective film material of die cutting (Mass) with (key point) on various factors, such as die-cutting way, die cutting device, die-cutting precision, precision die cutting knife (Blade) with material matching, in addition, die-cutting quality is associated with the characteristics of PET protective film material, such as paper, adhesive and bottom paper function, die cutting characteristics of all kinds of PET protective film material is different also.

    Class two, plain paper cut things with thin film, thin and soft transparent wafer) materials (Material) slightly. Although theoretically, die cutting necessary to cut surface material and adhesive wear, but theoretically die-cutting paper materials is the comprehensive result of cutting tool and cutting paper stress fracture, namely the blade cutting down also will squeeze your paper to the side, so, relatively speaking, paper materials die-cutting precision is not high. On the analysis of samples (Analyse) often see some tags have burrs, this is due to the coarser material fibers, faults (composition) of natural phenomena.

    Die cutting characteristics of paper-based materials, and thinking to the blade wear (ren), flat die cutting blade manners for 52 ° Angle (Angle) of the world; Assume that Angle is big, on the material of the extrusion deformation is big, namely levels tend to distinguish force makes the material fracture distinguish phenomenon (phenomenon).