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    PE film manufacturer making craft


    Linear low density polyethylene (LDPELLDPE besides some properties of LDPE, it also has the following characteristics: (1) the LLDPE has excellent heat sealing, in spite of LLDPE melt temperature of 5 ℃ or so higher than LDPE, but heat sealing properties of LLDPE outstanding ion function, namely: like ionic polymer surlyn, thermal cover even with serious pollution, still have a high heat sealing strength, heat sealing temperature as long as the above began to heat sealing temperature can have heat seal strength, and the general plastics, such as: LDPE heat sealing temperature is higher, the greater the heat sealing strength, therefore, if use LLDPE for heat sealing materials, can only use low heat sealing temperature can reach highly reliable heat sealing strength, preferential in high-speed plastic welder use; (2) the melt viscosity of LLDPE, 10 times that of LDPE, and LLDPE melt viscosity is not sensitive to temperature, and the processing of stress sensitivity is strong, that is to say LLDPE can't use temperature to viscosity, progress and can only use progress processing speed, i.e., the shear stress method to progressive molten liquidity, therefore, the screw processing LLDPE planning is special, the main motor power tend to be more than 2 times of LDPE. We often use 50% + 50% LDPE LLDPE mixture to improve the function of the two, and to allow in the processing of LDPE equipment processing LLDPE metallocene polyethylene (mPE) mPE with all kinds of PE is not the same as above, it is not in general Ziegler - Natta catalyst polymerization, but with two cyclopentadienyl zirconium chloride and methyl generated new catalyst composed of aluminum oxide. Feature is has the same function with LLDPE can also progress with temperature, or method to shear force of progressive liquidity. It is widely available in plastic packaging the use of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) UHMWPE is a kind of polyethylene, molecular weight of more than 1 million with particularly high molecular weight, the molten liquid is almost zero, not suitable for general processing equipment for processing, and hot pressing method is only suitable for chooses may cold-press sintering processing, now use it to other PE blending method with packed file method can also be extrusion, PE film manufacturer in addition to the currently used in the packaging container, also rarely do other.