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    The role of PE protective film, in different industries


    Because industry in the rapid development, and maintenance of PE film also can be seen everywhere in our daily life, and use in a variety of different occupations, many friends about PE film in which professional maintenance is not very understanding, or said is the primary role in your career (role) have? The following hurried to know!

    A maintenance, PE (Maintain) film in the Hardware (Hardware) used (use) and the role of professional (role) :

    In Hardware (Hardware) profession, PE film first maintenance can be in the computer chassis maintenance, make sure its in the process of transfer (guo cheng), don't say was scratched, or on the board that is used in stainless Steel (Steel), the first is to ensure that the stainless Steel plate appearance doesn't suffer corrosion, etc.;

    Second, the PE film used in photoelectric professional maintenance (use) and effect (role) :

    Actually photoelectric professional conduct (k ā I useful m: n) is very fast, thus about PE membrane demand is becoming more and more big, maintenance of led display and mobile phone screen, etc., all need to use the PE membrane maintenance, to ensure that its appearance doesn't present the phenomenon such as scratches,

    Three, PE (polyethylene) maintenance (Maintain) the use and function of membrane in plastic professional:

    Maintenance of PE (polyethylene) film in the plastic (associated things: plastic) career, first is the plate in the process of spray paint, liquid film use needs maintenance to support;

    Four, PE film in the Printing (Printing) maintenance professional the use and function:

    First is for the PC board and aluminum (Al) (Maintain) plate and film, PE (polyethylene) Maintain membrane can be useful to ensure that the printing process, Maintain the appearance of name plate, and guard against its present bad, etc.;

    Five, PE film in the cable professional maintenance and function of use:

    Primary use (use) PE film on the copper wire, brass wire) maintenance maintenance, also can avoid the appearance of copper present corrupt erosion and dust, have played an important role in the maintenance of cable. PE protective film by the viscous force points mainly: ultra-low stick protective film, low stick protective film, high low stick protective film, adhesive protective film, protective film, high adhesive protective film. PE film is the most simple structure of high polymer organic compound, the world's most widely used polymer materials.

    While we in the use of PE (polyethylene) maintenance (Maintain) film adhesive of cent, should first appearance will be posted items clean job well done, if (if) the appearance of the object are organic solvent, oily impurity (imperfection) and chemical (Chemistry) such as low molecular substances, will be on the entire rubber surface formation (strict) of severe damage (insurance), and affects the use of cohesion,