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    PE protective film What are the problems


    What are the problems PE protective film (Emerson)

    Protective film, PE (polyethylene) and paste weak between protected products (firm), the transport and use (use) process (guo cheng) in falling phenomenon, the reasons for this problem (Reason) to keep up with a question on the contrary, the greatest possible (maybe) is used in protective film products in the production (Produce) sensitive adhesive degree is not enough; Another possibility is that the user to post mold molding machine used by the pressure (pressure) is not enough, or profile surface not clean (clean) clean, dust or paint, etc., influenced the sensitive adhesive paste effect! If there will be aimed at this problem, suit the remedy to the case, the replacement of sensitive adhesive, film pressure increased, or when the paster attention (attention) on the surface of profiles for effective cleaning, avoid the occurrence of such problems. PE protective film by the viscous force points mainly: ultra-low stick protective film, low stick protective film, high low stick protective film, adhesive protective film, protective film, high adhesive protective film. PE film is the most simple structure of high polymer organic compound, the world's most widely used polymer materials.

    Second, users reflect the most is the problem of protective film products come unglued, reflected on this question in profile protective film (t ǐ xian), when the user profiles installation is completed the protective film from the material surface (bi m: o mian) off, protective film performance of viscose with no protective film, but remain on the material products, the user's most is not willing to see, because this is very troublesome, need someone to get the glue (glue) from the profile cut down, especially takes work, appear this kind of problem there are several possible (maybe), that is probably the biggest protective film products with rubber pressure (pressure) is not in conformity with the provisions (gu and ding), which is too sticky, lead to PE (polyethylene) protective film products, when it was out of the outer tension (explanation: the object is the pull of mutual traction) is greater than the inner force, and residue on the profile. PE film's biggest advantage is protected products in production and processing, transportation, storage and use process from pollution, corrosion, scratches, protect the original bright and clean bright surface, thus improve the quality of the products and market competitiveness. If user can appear this kind of problem, apply a small amount with clean dishcloth (zhan) alcohol, sensitive adhesive of residual brush try repeatedly, until the sensitive adhesive is brushed try clean, but it is important to note in time don't brush try too hard, otherwise may affect profile product finish.

    Three, PE protection (b) m: o hu) membrane products, though can be effectively separated from the material surface residual have Protective film (Protective film) performance, this problem (Emerson) often appear on some low levels of Protective film products, this is because the Protective film between the and protected material combination, in case of suitable environment, such as sunshine water occurring in the course of a kind of cooperation (c