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    PE protective film on the operation problems


    Our PE protective film after several years of production experience, after numerous experiments, has avoided many standard questions. PE film is the most simple structure of high polymer organic compound, the world's most widely used polymer materials. But the product is not perfect, the use of PE protective film in the different environment (environmental), the methods of operation, there will be some imperfect (detail) the details of the problem, below we analysis from the following five aspects of PE protective film will appear some problems, and teaches you how to effectively avoid:

    1. PE is electrostatic adsorption electrostatic protective film products, although can effectively. But it is possible (maybe) in some special (special) under Condition (Condition) to be convenient (f ā ng bian) tear stick, this is because the protective film between the and protected material combination, after the passage of time, in case of suitable environment, such as sunshine water occurring in the course of a chemical combination, this combination is not a good way to completely avoid, because it has no regular reproduction, but can choose better in terms of material or more effectively avoided.

    2. Stripping difficulty PE protective film products, while the product installed for stripping, PE protective film can more easily. Paste the protective film in the first time will not find any abnormal (lead), but because of the increase of the time will be very difficult when stripping, which some illegal protective film products manufacturers also produce protective film of the most common problems. Another possibility is used by PE protective film the original membrane material too soft, can't bear the tension when the stripping, prone to fracture phenomenon when stripping, this is to let users very vexing problem. But the use of protective film, not appear this kind of circumstance (Condition). Please rest assured to use.

    3. Paste weak between PE protective film and protected products (firm), in the process of transport and use appear fall off phenomenon, the reasons for this problem to keep up with a question on the contrary, the greatest possible (maybe) is sensitive adhesive used in PE protective film products in the production of insufficient, another possibility is that the user used in the film when pressure film machine pressure is not enough, or the surface of the product (bi m: o mian) have more dust or oil (oil) the dirt, paint, etc., affect the (influence) the effect of pressure sensitive adhesive paste (effect).

    5. PE (polyethylene) protective film in the first post (ti ē) closed up after a period of time is normal (normal) flat but nicely after the comparison of time but at both ends of the wing, appear (appear) is the main Reason for this phenomenon (the Reason) PE protective film with protection products (Product) in the process of paste, the drawing is bigger, after the stick good, the materials because of the protective film itself will have certain retraction, resulting in the phenomenon of unnecessary become warped edge. PE protective film by the viscous force points mainly: ultra-low stick protective film