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PE electrostatic film manufacturers specializing in the production of PE film, electrostatic film, high temperature electrostatic film and other protective film products. 中文站| English
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PE Electrostatic Film Manufacturer

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Blue PE electrostatic membrane

PE electrostatic film features:

1. The product has good transparency, no edge, become warped edge, anhydrous grain, crystal points less, winding, the adsorption effect is good, stick peel easily

2. Meet the national industry standard, electrostatic membrane PE after with no watermark, ghost residues, etc

3. The adsorption principle: electrostatic membrane, commonly





product details

PE electrostatic membrane application:

Products are much used in acrylic board () of light guide plate, PS plastic plate, ABS plastic, highlights the lenses, films, PET, PC sheet, optical materials such as smooth laminating, packing use transfer, etc

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